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In-O-Vate Technologies, the Company

Henry Ford once said, “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me ‘a faster horse’.” His belief was simple: When developing products, don’t give the market what it wants. Instead, create something the market didn't know it needs.

This mindset was the foundation for product development at In-O-Vate Technologies that has now spanned more than twenty years and has uncovered new ways to improve performance and safety for households everywhere. Starting with a category creator—a better way to connect the dryer’s transition hose with the Dryerbox®, a focus on proper venting has yielded innovations throughout the entire exhaust mechanical system and has now branched out further into the laundry room and the home.

Today, products include the Defender, DryerClamp, Dryer-Ell, DryerFlex, DryerJack, DryerPlacard, DryerWallVent and now, the LintAlert PRO Plus.

Consumers did not know that back pressure in the exhaust system was a hidden danger that required monitoring. Years of research and development uncovered something new that the market doesn’t know it needs. Enter the LintAlert.

In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc., the inventor of the LintAlert PRO Plus, has corporate offices in Jupiter, FL within walking distance of the Jupiter Inlet. In-O-Vate is an alumni of Inc magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies, has won dozens of awards and has products stocked in well over 4000 supply houses and home service companies across North America.


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