The Defender - Help Keep Animals Out

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For most who haven't experienced animal intrusion in their home, squirrels and birds seem like cute, harmless creatures. We have been taught by cartoons that all it takes is a song to round them up into a choir of angels. Homeowners know better. As much as you like the warm, dry comfort of your house, animals like it even more. Who can blame them? It's much better than a straw nest. Not only can animals cause damage to the home itself, they can spread disease, introduce insects and, in some cases, even cause fires. And since they have nothing better to do, they can replicate out of boredom.

Due to necessary openings in the home, such as the dryer's venting, you are providing an easy entry inside. The Defender wants to help you change that.

The Defender is a great option to help keep them at bay. Screen-like covers over vents are unsafe, as they clog up with lint. The Defender has been designed to be the only option to create a barrier without lint getting trapped inside. Made from zinc and powder-coated steel in the USA, this elegant solution is able to resist the chewing that squirrels like to inflict on plastic screening. The vertical bars allow lint to pass through, so you won't have to worry about constant cleaning and blockage. The hood helps keep debris and rain out as well.

With a magnetized damper, the DryerWallVent stays closed and almost sealed when the dryer is not running. This helps prevent intrusions. Used in conjunction with the Defender, you have double the protection against squirrels and birds.

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