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Detect Laundry Room Flooding

Detect Laundry Room Flooding

Did You Know?

Did you know . . . A busted washing machine hose can discharge up to 650 gallons per hour, causing major damage in a short period of time.

Your Wi-Fi enabled LintAlert PRO Plus doubles as a leak detector to mitigate the risks and damages associated with washing machine floods. The Leak Sensor is a valuable add-on that simply plugs into the bottom of the LintAlert and gets placed near the washing machine. As soon as moisture is detected, an alarm will sound. With this important warning, immediate action can be taken to prevent property damage, long cleanup times, and large insurance claims.

Laundry Room Water Damage is Costly

It may seem surprising, but burst or leaky washing machine hoses can swiftly create catastrophic water damage.

  • Washing machine-related failures are amongst the top 10 sources for residential water loss
  • $170M in reported property damage a year… and the real figures are likely much higher
  • Claims cost an average of $5,308 per incident after the deductible was paid
  • Failures of supply hoses account for more than ½ of laundry room floods
  • Floods in unoccupied homes resulted in claims that were 2.5x more severe than occupied homes

Alarm State Indicator

In addition to smart phone notification, a unique LintAlert audio and visual alarm warns of danger.

Get Connected, Stay Protected

Once connected, you can set automated email, text and / or push alerts from your smart phone. Together, the LintAlert and Leak Sensor provide the ultimate solution to help prevent laundry disasters.