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The directions say to clean out my dryers' exhaust duct prior to doing the initial calibration, why is this necessary?

Will the LintAlert work with either the wire bound foil flex transition hose or the semi-rigid aluminum flex hose?

Can I plug the washer or gas dryer into the pass through terminals on the power module?

There are no 110v outlets near or behind my washer or dryer. Are there alternative mounting suggestions?

Can the tubing be extended?

Will the LintAlert eventually become blocked with lint? If so, what is the remedy?

I have two dryers, each with their own exhaust hose and conduit. Can I use only one LintAlert to connect to a "T" fitting to monitor both exhaust lines?

Where is the best location to install the Smart Tap fitting?

Does the LintAlert® work on gas dryers, or stackable dryers?

Can you tell me more about dual motor technology?

I am moving to a new house, will this unit work there, and what do I need to do?

How much power does the unit use in "ready" or standby state?

Do I calibrate with clothes in the drum or empty and on what heat setting?

Will the LintAlert® work if I have a booster fan?

Will the LintAlert® work with a

I’ve cleaned out my vent pipe and double checked everything in the installation manual but I still get the LED 4 and 5 error (excessive pressure), what else could be wrong

My new clothes dryer already has a feature that alerts me of blockage in my dryer vent. Would there be any additional benefits to having a LintAlert® in addition to this special feature of my dryer. Do I still need a LintAlert?

How will the LintAlert® notify me that I need to clean my dryer duct?

What conditions or instances would the LintAlert® not work?

How can I be assured its working?

Explain the calibration thing process again.

Does the LintAlert® retain calibration after a power failure?

I accidentally re-calibrated the unit quite some time after the initial calibration. What now?

Where can I learn or determine what the error codes on the blockage indicator mean?

Will the device alert me if the clear tubing is kinked?

No LED's are lit on the front panel but the logo lens is blue, what is wrong?

When I first plugged the LintAlert® in, the 5 LED Bar is flashing on and off and the blue LintAlert® Logo alternating with Blue LEDsis blinking. What does this mean?

The alarm state came on but I need to finish drying my clothes and won't be able to look into it for several days. What should I do?

Can the tap fitting or alarm module get clogged or contaminated?

After several loads my first green light is now off when it has always been on.

Can any other factors contribute to an Alarm State?

Is there a way to restore the LintAlert® back to its original factory setting?

The LintAlert® will not calibrate, it keeps giving the error of not enough back pressure (first two LED's on the light bar blink 3 times after a calibration attempt). My dryer is on when I calibrate and the tap fitting and tubing is as per instructions. What is wrong?

Can I service the dryer exhaust myself or do I need to hire a professional?

Where can I find out more about dryer safety issues and dryer fires?

Where can I buy a LintAlert® and are they available online?

How does the LintAlert® work and what does it do?

Do I need a LintAlert® if I vent straight out through the wall?

Typically, how often should the dryer duct be cleaned out?

What else can create blockage in the ductwork besides lint build-up?

What is the term of the warranty for the LintAlert?

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