Happy Holidays From In-O-Vate Technologies

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With so many other fire hazards that are present during the holiday season, it may be easy to overlook the laundry room. Your ducts should be cleaned yearly, and if you have guests staying with you, it’s important to ensure their safety. In-O-Vate’s family of dryer-centric safety products will assist you in preventing fires in your home.

To help remember to regularly have your dryer ducts checked and cleaned, we will be posting lyrics to “The 9 Days of Safety”. Can you guess which song was our inspiration? Starting December 17th, one verse will be posted daily. Sing along!

And as always, we wish you a very safe holiday.

On the 1st day of safety, your dryer needs more space. The Dryerbox protects your home.
By allowing your hose more room, you can push the dryer back farther.

On the 2nd day of safety, your dryer needs a hose. The DryerFlex connects.
By being crush-resistant, sturdy and flexible, you're connected!

On the 3rd day of safety, signal the danger. The LintAlert warns you.
If your dryer ducts become clogged, it sends an alert to your phone.

On the 4th day of safety, keep it all in place. Dryerclamp will hold it.
Made of 100% stainless steel, it will keep your dryer's hose in place!

On the 5th day of safety, you have to spell it out. Dry-er Pla-card
An indicator of safe duct length made to last!

On the 6th day of safety, air going through your home. Dryer-ell directs.
500% more efficient than sectioned elbows!

On the 7th day of safety, how does your lint escape? DryerWallVent frees it.
Zero airflow restriction and built tough in the USA!

On the 8th day of safety, what if the duct goes up? DryerJack's on top.
Patented design, watertight collar and built tough in the USA!

On the 9th day of safety, a pedestal dryer. Dryerbox 480
Whether you have a pedestal or floor model dryer, it handles both!