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How It Works


You'll Always Know How Your Dryer is Performing

Back pressure in the dryer's exhaust system is always changing.  Over time, it increases because of lint buildup, crushed hoses, damaged vent hoods and—surprisingly often—animal nests.  The LintAlert® works to protect you by continually monitoring airflow and showing the exact pressure in the exhaust system.  Armed with this information, you can save energy and be certain the dryer is operating at safe levels.

Air Pressure Sensor

LintAlert uses air pressure to warn you of blockages in your duct. When being installed into a newly-cleaned system, the installer will measure the pressure of the air flow. This is the baseline for the future readings.

LED Indicators

There are five LEDs on the front of the LintAlert. Three green, one yellow and one red. Part of your laundry routine should be to check out these. If you start seeing changes over a short period of time, you may need to call your LintAlert installer. Please check out OUR CHART to see what your lights mean.

Alarm Module

Download this feature graphic. (8.5"x11", PDF)

Go Mobile


With the LintAlert Protected PRO app installed on your iPhone or Android, you will be able to see real time details on your dryer's performance. As well, you can set alerts to know when the dryer cycle has finished, when back pressure is becoming dangerous and much more.

Learn more about the Protected PRO app here.