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LintAlert App

Protected Pro

The LintAlert Companion App


The Protected PRO app allows you to connect to home monitoring devices including the flagship LintAlert® Dryer Alarm System as well as Protected PRO temperature / humidity sensors and leak detectors.

**A Safer Laundry Room**
With the LintAlert Pro Plus, you can be notified when your laundry is done, keep tabs on energy costs, drying times and lint accumulation and be alerted if your exhaust system is blocked or if the washer hoses are leaking. Exhaust problems are surprisingly common and dangerous: each year in the United States alone, there are more than 14,000 dryer fires. Burst or leaky washing machine hoses can swiftly create catastrophic water damage (they can discharge more than 650 gallons per hour). The LintAlert continually monitors laundry performance and warns of problems before there is a disaster.

With your Protected PRO connected LintAlert, you will always know your laundry appliances are operating as safely and efficiently as possible:

  • Alerts When the Dryer Cycle is Complete
  • Calculates Average and Maximum Cycle Times
  • Identifies Average Number of Cycles Per Week
  • Shows Time Since Last Vent Cleaning
  • Estimates the Cost to Run the Dryer
  • Displays Actual Blockage Percentage
  • Alarms when Blockage Becomes Dangerous
**Prevent Major Water Damage**
You can extend leak protection coverage beyond the laundry room with add-on water sensors that can be placed throughout your home or business. Water damage

**Monitor Environmental Conditions and Get Important Alerts**