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Effective Date: November 1, 2018

RE: In-O-Vate’s Minimum Resale Price (MRP) Policy

In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. (“In-O-Vate”) is dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding customer service of the highest quality.  We recognize that our distributors invest time and resources to deliver a fantastic customer experience.  To accomplish this objective, In-O-Vate has established policies to support our Resellers’ efforts and to maintain the high level of perceived value for In-O-Vate’s product line.  As a result, In-O-Vate has unilaterally adopted this Minimum Resale Price (“MRP”) Policy.

Unilateral Policy

You are free to decide whether to follow this policy.  However, we respectfully request that you follow this policy.  This policy does not constitute an agreement between you and In-O-Vate, and In-O-Vate is not seeking a response from you.

Although you remain free to resell In-O-Vate products at the price of your choosing, as of November 1, 2018, In-O-Vate reserves the right to cancel all orders and indefinitely terminate any supply relationships with any reseller, dealer, or distributor (a “Reseller”), as to the products covered by this MRP Policy (“MRP Products”), if In-O-Vate determines that such Reseller has advertised any MRP Product at a net retail sales price that is below its MRP price set and announced by In-O-Vate on a periodic basis (the “Minimum Price”).  This policy is non-negotiable.  Upon violation of the policy, In-O-Vate reserves the right to provide notice to the violating Reseller.  In-O-Vate may, in its discretion, offer a violating Reseller an opportunity to cure such violation or immediately cease shipment of MRP Products to the violating Reseller.

Minimum Price Guidelines

Additional guidelines that describe In-O-Vate’s MRP Policy for the MRP Products follows below and applies to Resellers in the United States and Canada.  The MRP Policy does not prohibit In-O-Vate’s customers or their downstream resellers from selling In-O-Vate’s products at any price they choose.  It just means that the advertised price must conform to this MRP Policy as of the Effective Date set forth above.

1) The Minimum Price will be listed on the MRP Pricing Sheet issued by In-O-Vate, which can be obtained directly from your In-O-Vate representative.  In-O-Vate reserves the right to change, suspend, or eliminate the MRP Policy in whole or in part, or specify certain periods during which the policy is inapplicable, at any time.

2) The MRP Policy applies to all advertisements including, but not limited to, mailers, flyers, magazines, catalogs, Internet, e-media, online banner ads, broadcasts, and third- party websites along with brick-and-mortar promotional materials.  Internet auctions like eBay may not display or have a reserve bid lower than the Minimum Price.  Selling MRP Products to Amazon or through Amazon is also prohibited if the sale price is less than the Minimum Price.  Resellers must, at all times, have direct control of any advertised price that faces the consumer market.

3) The MRP Policy applies to the advertised price, but not the actual sale price or offered price of the MRP Products.  All Resellers have the right to sell MRP Products to an individual customer at any price they choose.

4) Online stores that require customer login for price visibility and purchasing must advertise pricing on In-O-Vate’s products in accordance with this MRP Policy.  Volume pricing for online stores that require pre-qualified accounts to login for pricing and purchasing may be displayed once the customer has logged in.

5) Volume discount pricing must not be displayed to the public.  If Resellers offer volume discounts, use language like “call for volume discounts” instead of publishing the price breaks. 

6) The Minimum Price does not establish a maximum sale price.  All Resellers are free to sell the MRP Products at any price, so long as it’s not advertised lower than the Minimum Price.

7) All Resellers can still advertise or promote their overall pricing with statements like “we have the lowest prices in town” or “we’ll meet or beat our competition’s prices”.  If Resellers do advertise a price, crossing out or striking through the product’s Minimum Price is prohibited.

8) In-O-Vate may choose to promote the MRP Products in such a way that may result in a suspended or changed Minimum Price.  In-O-Vate reserves this right at its sole discretion and all Resellers may participate in such changes in the MRP Policy.

9) Failure to abide by the MRP Policy may result in the termination of the Reseller’s ability to continue purchasing MRP Products from In-O-Vate as set forth above.

In-O-Vate’s MRP policy was initiated to ensure Resellers and sales representatives are incentivized to invest time and resources into promoting the Products, and to sustain higher Reseller margins and prevent brand erosion of In-O-Vate’s Products.

Please direct all questions and concerns to our distribution policy manager, James Ortiz at james [at]