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In-O-Vate Technologies Lives Up To Its Name

September 15, 2017 - Jupiter, FL

In-O-Vate Technologies has once again revolutionized the laundry room with the introduction of the new and improved LintAlert Pro Plus. This iteration of the LintAlert brings not only more safety features, but also integrates with your smart home. Right off the bat, the introduction of WiFi-enabled alerts with its accompanying app makes the purchase well worth it. The alerts let you know when your dryer vent is getting clogged, something is blocking the airway, your external vent is not opening properly, when your laundry has finished its cycle and, the new feature, if your washing machine is flooding your home! Yes, the natural progression of In-O-Vate's technologies is the sister appliance, the washer. While all of these features focus on safety, the added bonus is that it will pay for itself in the long run with savings on your electric bill and helping to prevent disasters. An ounce of prevention is worth... A LOT!

The website for more information about the LintAlert Pro Plus is . You can use their handy locator at to find an installer near you.