The Scariest Room In Your Home

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Most horror movies don't highlight this room as being scary at all, but if you are realistically looking at the safety of your home, the laundry room will be near the top of your list of scary rooms. The risk of fire, flood and chemical injuries is very high in the laundry room.

We all know never to leave the house while a load of laundry is going through its cycle. Why don't we leave? Because we need to be aware of the chance of the dryer catching on fire and burning down the entire house. The washing machine is also a dangerous piece of equipment to leave running, as well. Since this machine attempts to fill, even when there is a leak, it can flood your home with thousands of gallons of water while you are running your short errand to the grocery store.

Halloween is a night full of mischief and pranks, and there are lots of kids wandering around, so a firetruck barreling through the streets would not be safe for anyone. If the fire department is busy responding to fake calls and slight problems, your home may not be saved in time.

With In-O-Vate's suite of products, your home will be more protected from dryer-based dangers. Starting with a clean dryer duct system, your home will be instantly safer. Once you achieve that nirvana of cleanliness, your home is ready for the Dryerbox. Couple that with the DryerFlex hose to give you a metal, kink-free inside. Moving outside, you will have the DryerWallVent in place to not only make your home's curb appeal better, but it also helps keep animals and pests from invading your home. The DryerWallVent may pay for itself by reducing your drying time, thus lowering your electric bill. Top this off with the brand-new LintAlert PRO Plus, which alerts you of any unforeseen blockages, lets you know when your laundry is done, and even detects leaks from the washing machine.

Stay safe this Halloween, starting with the scariest room in the house.