What Causes Dryer Fires?

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Dryer fires happen daily. Most of these fires could have been prevented, according to the firefighters that put them out. It is not only recommended to clean your lint filter after every use, but also to have the ducts cleaned annually. When you have the ducts cleaned, the technician can spot areas that may cause problems in the future, and possibly save your life. So what are the major causes of dryer fires? Below is a list of some of the factors.


Lint is the number one cause. There are several ways that lint will end up back in your dryer's heating element, which will most likely cause a fire. One of the main reasons is not cleaning your lint filter each time you dry a load. This lint buildup causes the dryer to pull more air with lint particles through the filter. If you have a long duct run and lint builds up, the lint may end up reaching back to the dryer itself. The Dryerbox can give you a five foot gain and using The Dryer-Ell for turns can also reduce the dryer's effort in removing lint. Even if you clean your lint trap with every load, some lint still gets through, which is why it is important to have your dryer and dryer exhaust system cleaned regularly.

Crushed Hoses

When you push your dryer back to the wall, you may end up crushing the hose that connects it to the duct. This limits not only the air escaping, but the lint doesn't have anywhere to go, either. This causes blowback of the lint. The Dryerbox allows you to push the dryer back farther, and DryerFlex also helps prevent this crushing.


Animals are attracted to the pre-built "homes" that external venting provides them. If you use cheap plastic or louvered external venting termination, you are inviting animals to build nests inside. When the duct is clogged, the lint is restricted from being removed. The DryerWallVent is made to deter animals while providing a sleek look to your home, and The Defender gives you an added layer of protection against intrusion. The Defender is made of steel and actually allows lint to pass through!

Defective Equipment

A slew of tumbler dryers were recalled in the UK after they apparently caused numerous fires. You should always be aware of product recalls and take immediate action. Check the U.S. recall list to see if you have an affected product. https://www.cpsc.gov/

Take a look at our archive of dryer fire articles to see just how dangerous the neglect of your dryer's system can be and find a dryer duct cleaner in your area to ask about installing these products today!